Don’t lie but they’re there to sell there is no ministry standard doing the current staffing levels in Ontario long-term care are sufficient absolutely not lawyer and elder advocate Jane says nursing homes aren’t staffed to deal with the changing profile of the average resident we have a much older and sicker and frailer population so you’re getting more people who are acting out and have these behaviors is there a direct line for you between the higher number of abuse incidents and people with dementia absolutely.

I think that that’s a huge number of the people that are acting out and having these behaviors homes used to manage aggression with drugs many residents with dementia were given powerful about a quarter of all residents are given drugs and they may not all really need them he couldn’t walk and a lot of times she couldn’t talk what we are now doing is drugging our senior population into submission there was and use dropped by a third seems like good news but what happened we hired statisticians.

To dig deep in the day and they confirm as drug use went down abuse in nursing homes has gone up doesn’t necessarily mean one cause the other but without extra staff to deal with the aggressive behavior reducing drug use may have had unintended consequences people like Meyer face that violence he tried to block a larger man a wanderer with dementia Immanuel from entering his room and was attacked when staff do react they lead the aggressor away but there’s no one to help Meyer he struggles and falls trying to escape his hip is broken that night he dies four days after the attack Maya must have been afraid and he was trying to move himself to get up and he was having difficulty getting up and they just walked away it’s been five years since Diane and Francis lost their brother he enjoyed that the fresh air and seeing other people.

They knew think about there was no autopsy but his family connects the violence to his unexpected death we were told it’s gonna be specially trained staff who have special training for these pretty of behaviors of these residents we asked to explain they won’t talk about what happened to Meyer but do tell us no amount of care planning or staffing can prevent all altercations Miranda is stunned by Meyers death but not surprised that kind of thing is happening more all the time or all the time all the time we need more accountability and oversight that’s what we need this shocking video I literally collapse I observed.