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Plastic Surgery Denver | Cosmetic Surgery Denver, CO | Dr. Broadway

In these years we have been inundated by corporations and similar that treat plastic surgery as a commercial product of direct sale to the consumer. With aggressive selling strategies and trained salespeople or salespeople, they promise not only the patient but customer things like “recovering youth,” “backing 20 years”, “the perfect body dreamed”…

Great results by the best and most experienced professionals, with the most innovative techniques … The alternative, less invasive, recovery lifts in a few days, does that sound like the ” weekend lifting”?? treatments that are carried out at the time of the meal that allows to return to work correctly. All with maximum security techniques, less aggressive, minimal recovery times and yet great results, and lasting, of course. And without any evidence or proof of its veracity.

Plastic Surgery Denver | Cosmetic Surgery Denver, CO | Dr. Broadway

Nothing to talk about possible complications or problems, everything is so fast and perfect, Plastic Surgery Denver | Cosmetic Surgery Denver, CO | Dr. Broadway many times even so easy and cheap. It is in these patients in whom there are more postoperative complications and poor results; it would be enough to consult the insurance companies and the hospital centers. And it is true that, in times of crisis, many doctors may be tempted to choose to associate professionally with these corporations, and thereby accept their working conditions and much lower rates.

Among the work , they usually promote techniques to perform in the consultation, with local anesthesia, claiming that general anesthesia is not necessary it is almost dangerous. For the patient’s sake, they look for less invasive and dangerous techniques, making cosmetic surgery easier and more affordable. Clearly, avoiding the hospitals has a very clear advantage , above the supposed benefit to the patient (not need that as aggressive and dangerous to read as had dreamed surgery), and is the noticeable reduction in costs of surgery , and thus a greater benefit for the company,thus, the issue of health security is ignored .