You see, many believe that raising minimum wage raises the quality of life for those paid at the lower end of the pay scales. The opposite is actually true. But let’s look at this argument from the minds of those who purport the myth that raising minimum wage is desirable. Here is a quote from just such an individual who really believes that those lowest wages must be brought up by legal government mandate.

He states “The minimum wage should be raised and we Breast Augmentation Denver have universal health care like most civilized where health care won’t go western nations. In Australia the minimum wage is $17 a hour, 4 weeks holiday pay, sick leave, extended service leave after 7 and 10 years, government.

Five Stereotypes About Where Health Care Won’t Go That Aren’t Always True.

Then when you buy something, within a few transactions that money ends up in the hands of the rich, because where health care won’t go they are the ones which are shareholders of companies, or own companies, or supply products and services to the companies which sell to the consumer, meanwhile once the money is spent by the lower income worker, they no longer have it.

Second, if small businesses must pay more for labor, often their business model will not work, where health care won’t go because if they raise prices customers may choose to stop buying, thus, they go out of business and there are fewer jobs, albeit at a higher wage, and that business doesn’t buy products or services from other businesses.

It turns out it is a net loss to the community and fewer people have jobs, and fewer businesses exist and there is less choice and abundance – the opposite of what a local vibrant community needs to survive The customary.

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